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An array of hexagonal voids along with structural walls is the engineering principle for SQUISH® Pad Technology.  This honeycomb design provides the perfect balance for structural support and cushioning.

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Our patented SQUISH® science is the only pad that can be installed permanently into a garment. The pads are sewn-in during the manufacturing process. This means full-time knee protection for workers, GUARANTEED. Workers will never forget or refuse to wear knee protection ever again.

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Each pad weighs in at a mere 4.7 ounces (135g). Even at this light weight you have maximum protection from surfaces like concrete, steel grating, rocks etc. Our lightweight, low-profile design makes SQUISH® the most professional-looking knee pad work pants in the industry – without a bulky and sloppy appearance.

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SQUISH® pads will never breakdown over time and will out last the life of the garment. As certified by an independent lab, SQUISH® will not flatten, or change in performance after extended use, nor when used in an environmental temperature range of -20° - +120°F.

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We are proud to offer the only FR rated kneepad work pants in today’s marketplace. Why not provide TWO forms of protection with both arc flash hazard protection AND full time knee protection in the SAME garment? Our FR gear is compliant with ASTM 2112 and NFPA 70E standards.

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Wash your work pants in your home laundry or have them serviced by your industrial laundering service provider. SQUISH® are permanent and never require removal or maintenance.

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Unlike typical urethane foam pad inserts, SQUISH® are non-porous and resist water and sweat. Our free-floating installation also promotes air circulation around the legs which helps to eliminate the potential of skin irritations. And because SQUISH® can be laundered, you never have to worry about bacteria or microbial growth.

staying ahead of the pack

Simply put, competitor’s foam pad inserts are a sponge and provide very little protection from potential knee injuries. Until the advent of SQUISH®, inserting a closed-cell urethane foam pad into an external pocket was the only approach to combating the discomfort of traditional external strap-on knee pads. SQUISH® is now revolutionizing safety kneepad work pants because we protect like external hard shell knee pads without the discomfort, hassle and human factor because we’re full-time- guaranteed. Check out a comparison of our technology versus theirs:

Max cushioning and protection without the bulk- compression set is only 8%.
Tested to flame resistance standards.
Permanently installed in the garment which guarantees full-time protection. Also eliminates the human factor of not wanting or forgetting to wear knee protection at all times.
SQUISH® Pad Technology does not change or break down over the life of the garment. Pads never require replacement or maintenance.
Laundry-safe for home and tested to rigorous industrial laundering tests.
Foam compresses to 94% under load- almost nonexistent. The only way to “feel” protected is with very thick, bulky and unsightly pads.
Not FR rated. Foams ignite and melt under open flame.
Closed cell foams act like a sponge. They retain water and sweat which promotes bacteria build-up that can lead to skin irritation and infection.
Foam pads compress and never “rebound” to their original state. They degrade over the life of the garment and require costly replacement.
Pads must be removed for laundering which promotes forgetting and loss of insert pads. NO protection.

Work clothes must last when exposed to harsh conditions – period. We use the highest assembly processes, adhere to strict quality standards and source the toughest components available to make our clothing with knee pads.


  • Products are designed in the USA
  • All fabrics are manufactured in USA fabric mills
  • Assembly factory is a world-leading producer of work apparel with production capacity of over 1 million garments annually
  • Highest quality trim components sourced in the USA
  • Standard quality features include crotch gussets, triple needle stitching, re-enforcement bar tacks, YKK zippers
  • Manufactured to strict quality control standards and tolerances