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The company began its quest in 2007 when its' founding fathers grew weary of injuring their knees while working from day-to-day. The safety products marketplace did not have a solution other than traditional kneepad products with elastic straps that are very uncomfortable and heavy to wear.

the knee pad pants

THRIVE invented the industry's first kneepad work pants with permanently-installed pads that could be laundered and that never required maintenance. Full-time knee protection was our goal and we accomplished it. We're now considered the leader in this work safety workwear category.

Engineered in the rockies

Nestled in the beautiful front range of Colorado, Thrive Workwear calls Englewood, Colorado, in Denver Metro, it’s home. Denver is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing cities for business and start-ups in America. When we’re not enjoying the outdoor grandeur of our beautiful mountains, we’re busy creating and inventing products that solve real-life problems in the work apparel world. 

Thrive Workwear’s technologies and product development all come out of their headquarters in Denver. Our operations center houses customer support, warehousing/distribution and reversed logistics for our company. We welcome you to visit us anytime to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we do it.