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KNEEPAD WORKPANTS with patented SQUISH® Pad Technology built-in PERMANENTLY.
Full Time Knee Protection for workers to help combat work-related knee injuries. For a Safe, Soft Landing Every Time!

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FEB 2, 2014 THRIVE Workwear Brand UnveiledWoodland Wear, LLC. (formerly doing business as Woodland Workwear) is pleased to announce the official launch of its new company brand name, THRIVE Workwear

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Our pads far outperform other pad materials


SQUISH® Pad Technology is engineered with a unique SQUISH® design concept to provide the protection and comfort that workers expect and deserve.

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Flexible purchasing options for our gear


Safety managers can easily verify knee protection safety compliance with our high visibility SQUISH® flag tag. Just a quick glance to "Know They're Safe".

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THRIVE Workwear is a premier textile manufacturer of work wear pants that incorporate orthopedic knee pads manufactured right into the pants.


Until the advent of SQUISH®, inserting a closed-cell foam pad into a pocket was the only approach to combating the evils of external strap kneepads.

SQUISH® is now revolutionizing safety kneepad pants

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Advanced knee protection combined with quality fabric and craftsmanship.


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FR Work Pants with Knee Pads

THRIVE Workwear is a leading manufacturer of exceptional safety work apparel and fr clothing. Specifically, we have created a line of unique and patented work pants with knee pads containing SQUISH® pad technology to combat work related knee injuries. We also offer the industry’s only FR rated knee pad work pants available on the market. Our specially designed knee pads are built right into all of our work pants and coveralls to ensure a soft landing every time, with the ultimate comfort and protection of your knees in mind. Our product combines protection, cushion and high quality textiles to give you comfortable and durable work pants. We offer several different options to best suit the job. Some of our popular styles include our FR tactical work pants, FR work pants, uniform work pants, cargo work pants, carpenter work pants, denim jeans
and FR coveralls. Avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of normal strap knee pads and invest in a better product. Our work pants with knee pads manufactured right in will allow you to do your job to your best ability and avoid injury.